FACADE FACE Atelier Chameleon
FACADE FACE Atelier Chameleon FACADE FACE Atelier Chameleon
Face Atelier

FACADE FACE Atelier Chameleon

FACADE on innovatiivinen ja nerokas, silkkisen pehmeä ja ainutlaatuisen kevyt tuote poskille ja huulille.

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FACADE on ainutlaatuinen ja monipuolinen tuote poskille ja huulille. Sen silikonipohjainen geelistä puuterimaiseksi muuttuva koostumus tekee läpikuultavan, rasvattoman, mattaisen pinnan joka saa ihosi terveen ja säteilevän näköiseksi. Huulilla käytettäessä toimii vedenkestävänä pohjustuksena huulipunalle- ja kiillolle. Käytettäessä poskille, antaa silkkisen, luonnollisen näköisen, hienovaraisen hehkun. Silikonien ansiosta tuote on täysin veden ja lämmön kestävä. 

"We all know about the beautiful texture of Ultra Foundation, and how it gives smooth, flawless coverage that never ever looks cakey. But another favorite FACE atelier product of mine is Facade. It seems every time I use it on a model, she asks me what the product is and raves about the beautiful color! I love it for a buildable, believable glow, and the smooth application. FACE atelier can do no wrong!"

                                                    Alayna Rakes, makeup artist

"Facade applies like a cream blush, but finishes like a powder. I always loved the natural "flush from within" of a cream blush, but needed the staying and blending power of a powder blush. Facade merges the best of both these cheeky worlds. It never moves, creases, or disrupts the foundation. I also like to think of Facade as a lip velvet. It has a soft, smooth, powdery finish on the lips that doesn't budge. With a great lip brush, I find that I rarely use a lip liner with Facade. It has been the answer for my search to find a long lasting, non-flaky lip color for my client, singer Kelly Clarkson."

Ashley Donovan, celebrity makeup artist

"I will be buying more and more of FACE atelier Facade products in various shades.  I was absolutely blown away by it! It is hands down the most comfortable, light weight and gorgeous products I’ve come across in a LONG time. I cannot say enough about it! For a cheek color, it blends easily and I was able to sheer it out to the color I wanted. A little goes a long way with this!  It goes from feeling like an airy gel formula to a soft powdery formula instantly. I absolutely love it."


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